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Chaque fois que la propriété intellectuelle d'un créateur de musique est utilisée, elle génère des revenus sous la forme d'une redevance musicale. En d'autres termes, les redevances sont une rémunération pour la consommation de musique.

+€50,000 redevances distribuées

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Why invest in royalties?

Besides the emotional connection you may have with music, owning shares to catalogues has some other big advantages. Music royalties provide a great opportunity to diversify with an alternative investment, driving regular dividend-like payouts.


Growing Market

The music industry is in an upward trend, with steady royalty payouts delivering competitive yields.

Uncorrelated Asset

Music royalties and listening habits are not impacted by fluctuations of traditional financial markets.

Passive Income

No active management activities required, once invested you just sit back and relax while royalties are being generated.

At what stage do you invest?

Music royalties life cycle



How do I collect royalties?

ANote Music takes care of collecting the royalty flows from the relevant distributors and transfers the funds directly pro-rata to our investors’ wallets.

Curious to know how it works?

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Get access to royalty payouts forever or for a limited number of years

Rights holders can choose to list their music catalogues for a temporary period in time or for as long as the music rights are active. In either case, as long as you own shares in your account, you’ll keep on receiving royalty payouts.

Permanent listing

Music royalties will be shared in perpetuity, which in most cases equals the lifetime of the artists + 70 years following their death. Valuations and multiples of such listings are usually a bit higher, as the royalty payouts will go on for a long time.

Temporary listing

The rights to receive royalty payouts are only shared for a limited number of years (e.g. 5, 10 or 12 years) and see full ownership return to the original rights holders at the end of the term.

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+ €6.3M

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